We bring your business into the smart blockchain age.

BitShares Europe is a group of enthusiasts that follow the purpose to best serve the BitShares ecosystem and help establish the decentralized exchange and its corresponding technology.

It is our aim that decentralized and open technologies will be developed, deployed, nurtured, promoted and maintained. A dominating but not exclusive focus is set on the promotion of the development of the BitShares ecosystem and the relevant technology to it as well as the promotion and support of applications and libraries using the BitShares public ledger.

Additionally, we support and advocate the underlying Graphene™ technology in a variety of forms and and fill the need for a qualified partner in the blockchain business.

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Why BitShares
The internet revolutionized how information was exchanged. BitShares revolutionizes how money and value is exchanged.

BitShares exists entirely as a decentralized transaction ledger (i.e. a blockchain) maintained by a network of individual computers owned by regular people all over the world. It offers a free market for transactions of any kind that can be performed between person to person over the internet without any third party middlemen.

BitShares offers the world's first decentralized exchange for cryptographically secured financial assets, that allows you to trade in euro, gold, bitcoin, and more without counterparty risk.

BitShares is based on the Graphene™-technology which has several orders of magnitude better performance than first-generation Bitcoin-derived systems. Graphene™ based systems go beyond mere "checkbook" style payments and offer a wide range of transparent and inherently incorruptible financial services that can be extended by any smart contracts to add more functionality.

BitShares is a business in its own that offers products that generate a revenue. Owning the core token in BitShares (BTS) not only allows to take part in business decision making, but allows makes you an owner of a bank, an exchange and the future financial transactions platform.

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