Frequently Asked questions.

What is BitShares Europe?

BitShares Europe is a project that builds on top of the BitShares Blockchain and provides services and education to users. It allows users to learn and train about Blockchain Technologies, in particular, the BitShares/Graphene Technology, The services provide range from account registration, on the BitShares Blockchain as well as on it's Testnet, access to corresponding APIs, and offers simple to use access to the on-chain referral program.

What is the BitShares Blockchain?

The BitShares Blockchain is a ditributed and decentralized autonomously operated Blockchain that is maintained and operated by a community of crypto enthusiasts. It comes with a set of autonomous business protocols (smart contracts) that can be accessed by anyone with an account on the Blockchain without asking for permissions.

How are BitSharesEurope and the BitShares Blockchain different?

BitShares Europe offers services on and for the BitShares Blockchain and serves as an entry point. In a sense, BitShares Europe and the BitShares Blockchain compare well with your browser and the Internet, with BitShares Europe being the browser, and the BitShares Blockchain being the Internet.

What is BitShares Europe not?

BitShares Europe does not provide financial services, advice or exchange capabilities. It further does not operate the BitShares Blockchain nor any of the tokens, assets, or securities available there. It further does not operate an exchange, maintains its orders in an order book or matches orders for users. At no point in time does BitShares Europe have access to funds owned by users, unless explicitly granted by the users individually and contractually.

Where can I found more about the BitShares Blockchain?

We recommend to look at the BitShares Blockchain Foundation for an entry point as well as bitshares.org for a general technical overview. In-dept technical documentation can be found on how.bitshares.works as well as docs.bitshares.eu. For more information about the python library that poweres this site, please visit pybitshares.com.